Puzzle Attack

Endless Mode

Versus Mode (multiplayer)

Clear blocks by matching 3 or more of the same type.  Simple to learn, but hard to master.  This was a college project and my first introduction to XNA and the C# language.  It's an homage to one of my favorite games growing up (hint: it's not Russian).

Stay alive as long as possible and go for the high score in Endless mode.  Clearing combos and chaining them together will freeze time temporarily.  If you're good enough you can keep time frozen almost indefinitely, and you'll need to as the blocks start rising faster and faster.

In Versus mode two players go head to head.  In this mode combos and chains no longer freeze time. Instead they drop bricks blocks onto your opponent's screen that can only be removed by clearing adjacent blocks, which turns bricks into normal blocks.  Claim victory by forcing your opponent's grid to reach the top of the screen before he does the same to yours.


  • Menus can be navigated with the arrow keys, Enter key, and Escape key.
  • The arrow keys move the selection box.
  • Space swaps the two selected boxes.
  • Shift raises the grid by 1 row (if you want it to go faster).
  • Escape brings up the pause menu.
  • In Versus Mode, a gamepad is required for player 2 (left side of screen).  Player 1 still uses the keyboard (right side of screen).  A Microsoft Xbox 360 gamepad is recommended (wired or wireless).
  • The Left/Right Thumbsticks and the DPad will navigate menus and control player 2's selection box.
  • The B and Back buttons work like the Escape key in menus.
  • The A button and Left/Right Triggers will swap player 2's two selected boxes.
  • The Left/Right Shoulder buttons will raise player 2's grid by 1 row
  • The Left/Right Shoulder buttons will raise player 2's grid by 1 row.