Jesse Gennrich



Welcome to my digital home. I'm a professional software engineer and game developer. During the day I work at Harebrained Schemes on BattleTech using tools like Unity, .NET, Python, Visual Studio, and Git. In my spare time I make games for Rainy Day Games as a creative outlet.

I've written games for Windows, Mac, and Linux using XNA and C/C++, but my current obsession is with Unity.  It's an amazing editor that's both simple yet powerful, and it's one of the driving forces behind the indie gaming revolution.  I enjoy being a small part of that.

I prefer an open source philosophy over closed, VIM over EMACS, and Android over iOS.  However, technologies should not be religions and programmers should not be defined by the tools they use.  So I use whatever tech is best suited for the job at hand, and that means constantly learning new things to expand my digital toolbelt.

I’m obsessed with clean code, static code analysis, and refactoring tools.  Good code should be readable, easily maintained, and beautiful to behold.  I strive to be proud of my code not just because it solves a problem, but because it does so in a clear and elegant way.  I get excited when I check in a change with more lines removed than added, and I think Python is beautiful because whitespace matters.

I'm always looking to learn new things. If you'd like to collaborate on a project contact me.